"As a doctor do a routine checkup for body, we do it for softwares and websites."

Post development every websites and softwares need maintenance, upgradation, updation of contents, scalability. We do it for you. Its our duty to keep your application and websites functional, working and updated.

Liquid Maintenance Model is the Pay As You Go model of maintenance in which we only charge for the exact hours spent on the project. There is no monthly or yearly subscription but only the hours worked on a project will be charged.

Scrum Technology Web Design

All the charges will depend on the work men hour principle. You will be charged for the number of resources who were working on your project and the time required or spent. For the Fair Assesment of hours, we do have various process and workflows.

Your Website and Software needs to work well for you in terms of design and value of your business it portray as well as the functions it performs. You will achieve following benefits with Maintenance Of Website.

To opt for LSMM (Liquid Software Maintenance Model), you need to purchase Effort Hours as per your requirements or estimation that you would need and that will be credited to your account for use after a small agreement.

Now if there comes any need to work on your project, just drop us an email with the Issue and Bugs to be resolved or Tasks to be performed. A developer will be assigned to the task within a timeframe as per the priority of the issue. After the work, only the hours worked on your project will be debited from your account.

You can purchase minimum of 50 Hours and maximum of 1500 hours in a go.

Our charges are based on the experience and technicalities of the resource one opt for. To provide best service in a cost-friendly way, we have skilled resources with major of the technologies.

All our charges as based on the Hourly basis only. For more details, contact us now.

Our Support Guys are working 24 X 7 to manage the issues. You can connect with us anytime in case of any issue or bug you face.

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