"As a doctor do a routine checkup for body, we do it for softwares and websites."

Post development every websites and softwares need maintenance, upgradation, updation of contents, scalability. We do it for you. Its our duty to keep your application and websites functional and working.

Scrum Technology Website Maintenance
Liquid Software Maintenance Model

Liquid Software Maintenance Model is the Pay As You Go model of maintenance in which we only charge for the exact hours spent on the project. There is no monthly or yearly subscription but only the hours worked on a project will be charged.

To provide control of cost, tasks and priorities to customer, we have intitiated Liquid Software Maintenance Model. With LSMM, get rid of the hefty maintenance costs.

With LSMM, you get below benefits

Now get rid of huge AMC and opt for hourly charges. Now pay only for the hours worked on. For more details visit Liquid Software Maintenance Model or Request a Quote.

Website Maintenance
Scrum Technology Web Design

All websites should be kept up with goal to keep the site content fresh and updated. Therefore, a few sites require every day upgrades while others just need periodic maintenance.

Our Website Maintenance Service incorporates revising, editing, or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website updated with most fresh and updated content. The periodic addition of new webpages is also a part of Website Maintenance Services. The principles by which Search Engines indexes list websites change continually. Without upgrading and making note of these new standards, a website can undoubtedly get "buried" in Search Engine Listing.

Website Maintenance have turned into an absolute necessity nowadays since regardless of the possibility that the servers are great offering 99% uptime, still its important to check the forms and mail links atleast weekly once to be double sure that the enquiries are being sent from the site perfectly. Scrum Technology offers you economically savvy Website Maintenance and tackles the assignment of routine website check for existing sites and roll out whatever improvements are required as and when required. By outsourcing your Website Maintenance, you are allowed to concentrate on your business growth.

Software Maintenance

Likewise Websites, Softwares and Web Applications also needs to be maintained properly and periodically to remove the flaws, errors or bugs and also to add some more functionalities.

Software Maintenance practices, for example, continuous software upgrades, platform tolerance, and delivering software product roadmap releases, can devour huge assets, which could somehow or another be given to development and growth of company. Scrum Technology provides Software Maintenance Services to help Software Organization enhance their product R&D operational effectiveness and quality without committing a lot of time and assets. Our software maintenance processes guarantee of continuity in high quality releases at unsurprising expenses.

Scrum Technology's strength in Software Maintenance comes as a matter of fact working with a not insignificant rundown of companies, running from those settled 20 years back to early stage new businesses.

Our Software Maintenance Services include:
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