Ans. You can opt Scrum Technology because of the quality of work that we do. All of our clients are satisfied and happy with us and moreover most of them are our repeated clients. That’s all because of trust.
Ans. If you demand, we can provide the status report of the work that has been accomplished at the end of each working day or a defined set of time. We also provide a Work Process Timeline Document that compromise of the duration of the delivery of each phase.

We have also integrated the Project Management Tool to ensure the real time communication between clients and developers to give the best quality without wasting a single minute.
Ans. All out resources communicate over Email. Phone, Skype etc. You can communicate with them as per your ease.

For any business related concern or inquiry, you can drop a mail to and for any technical correspondence, connect with us at
Ans. Yes, you can host your already running website to us. For detailed information you can contact our team at
Ans. We work either on fixed-price projects or on per-hour rates basis. For long term committed clients who prefer time based billing, we also offer a monthly rate.

For Fixed Price Projects:

We take 25% as advance and rest of the amount is divided into various modules (sprints). And after completion of each module, client should proceed with the payment for that module.

For per-hour rate projects:

Fortnightly / Monthly

These rates are typical distributions and it may differ for individual projects. Contact Us for more details.
  •    We sign NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements as required by you.
  •    All our employees are full-time employees, and are bound by the company Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure clauses.
  •    Additionally, for sensitive projects, we create isolated cells disconnected from any public network.
  •    At a practical level, all CD-Writers need authorization for usage. Internet uploads larger than a threshold also need authorization.
Ans. Yes we do, where required. This may be especially useful in initial requirements gathering, final implementation or other pain points. In such cases, our consultants will work on-site at pre-decided rates.
Ans. You can send your queries or concern to We would love to help you the best.